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Do You Pray?

Recently Rev. Joanna Fontaine Crawford  posed the question:“Do you pray? What does “prayer” mean to you?

My response:

I pray daily and throughout the day – my life is a life of prayer.  My journey with prayer has been an ever evolving one. At present prayer to me is surrender and gratitude. The first, surrender, is in communion with, and experience of, the Holy. The second, deep gratitude for the Holy and the many gifts in my life. The outward appearance of such prayers can be formal or spontaneous:          

intentional moments of stillness and silence, visualization, or active with writing, creating art, chanting or singing or drawing down the moon, walking in the woods and along the river, speaking out loud my heart’s desires or giving a blessing, it is the lullabies with my child each night.…prayer is even found in doing the dishes at my kitchen sink, and dancing in my living room.


Blessings to Liz. May she be wrapped up with loving arms as she mourns the loss of her dearest love.

May Rayya’s light ever shine brightly in our hearts and her wisdom be a touchstone for our courage. 

May all of us know: a light that has shone never truly goes out when it has lit so very many others.

Below is the posting from their event on Women’s Day three years ago. The video is fun and poignant. A wonderful tribute to their unconditional friendship.

Rayya & Liz Women’s Day 2015