2021 News-bits from Twinkle

First I want to let you know that this year in June I will turn 50!!

As part of my celebration for the next six months I am giving away a gift (a free book from our Blessing Book series) to everyone who buys a either a hardcover or paperback edition of Living Life as a Prayer

Living Life as a Prayer is a book that is dear to my heart and I am grateful to be able to share it with you.  It contains much of the theology I teach. It is a collection of sermons, poems, prayers, essays, rituals, meditations, musings and more. Living Life as a Prayer has glimpses of my life’s path, as well as our life here in Maine. It holds space for both joyous and challenging moments.

Please buy my book, Living Life as a Prayer!

Throughout 2021 we will be offering more gifts and surprises for everyone who supports my work by purchasing Living Life as a Prayer.  And, in June, we will be having a launch party coupled with a birthday celebration: retreat-style. So stay tuned on Social Media:





As well, my first poetry book is being published in 2021. In March we will celebrate its release! Join us:


Secondly, we are moving to our retreat home on Moosehead Lake – Full-time!!

As you know, we relocated to Maine six years ago. At that time I formally established Twinkle’s Place as a day retreat center in this beautiful once-upon-a-time century old farm home in the heart of Pittsfield. Prior to living in Maine for many years I hosted many gatherings in my homes: rituals, workshops, retreats, potlucks and even TV productions. Here in Maine we did all this and more, to include collaborations with other creatives including concerts, worship services and artistic programs. Essentially as my work in ministry grew, so did our offerings at Twinkle’s Place. Three years ago we established a second location in Maine on majestic Moosehead Lake. (www.MooseheadLakeRetreats

When the pandemic hit, some of our in-person events (like our Minerva Potlucks, Book groups and Meditations) transitioned to online venues. Most scheduled events (such as our Artist and Writing retreats, symposiums, concerts and more) were postponed indefinitely until we can gather in-person again. This was a learning experience for many of us, both technologically and personally. With certainty the pandemic, and for my family coping with the death of one of my sons since September of 2019, has affirmed that life is precious and it is important to create the life you love – now! For us, that life is a sabbatical one. Living close to the land, in the place we love most, doing the work we love, setting our own schedules and spending as much time as possible with those dearest to us. To that end, by summertime 2021, we will be making our Moosehead Lake retreat place our full time home! We will have updates this winter/spring about our plans and look forward to sharing future collaborations with friends and colleagues who wish to experience the magic of Moosehead Lake.



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For more than a decade I have been producing Empowering Women television shows both in live-studio-audience settings as well as in-studio and salon-style gatherings. Last year we were set to launch Empowering Women Maine Authors series as well as in collaborations with other states to create similar programs. Due to the pandemic, filming was delayed. In October we were finally able to get into one of our Maine-based studios to record one-on-one interviews with some of our scheduled guests. This Spring we will launch the program in Maine and are looking forward to creating more productions throughout USA and beyond as time goes on. For more information about how to be involved, visit: http://www.empoweringwomentv.org/join-our-team/  

And, click these links for a glimpse back at some of our shows from Boston to Santa Barbara.

In March 2021 we will be making another big announcement about TV for Your Soul’s Empowering Women TV platform. Stay tuned!

These are three of many things that are going on here for us. We look forward to discovering what is new for you this year, so please send us an update from your place.

Thank you for your love and your presence in my life.
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