An invitation…

If you live near me (Pittsfield, Maine) and have time this week at 8:00AM on Monday or Wednesday morning – – this message is for you This is the meditation room in my home. I promised myself that I will spend time here each day, and ….most mornings… I keep that promise And when I do the day consistently goes much better. Even if I come face-to-face with something unpleasant, I am better equipped to respond with ease, or at least with peace-of-mind and more compassionate words.

I am not a Buddhist, though I do incorporate some Buddhist practices into mine. My typical morning-time in my sanctuary is a 10 minute “Sit” or “Zazen” (“seated meditation”) and I generally focus on gratitude. It is not fancy and there are no elaborate words spoken. I usually place one or both my hands on my heart, listen to my heartbeat and follow my breath. I set my chimes on my phone to gently alert me when the 10 minutes is up. Usually the time flies by and sometimes I reset it for another 10 minutes, and sometimes another 10 after that. But I promise you even sitting still for 10 minutes, shifts the way the day goes. There is something about sitting in this place, (a place that is not where I occupy my sitting the rest of the day) with the sole intention of gathering myself towards gratitude. It is special and I invite you to experience it with me. Hopefully it can help ease the aches in our hearts as we begin to find our way forward post-election

If you have time Monday or Wednesday morning, come sit with me for 10 minutes.
Then we can share some coffee, tea and breakfast together.
Sending love,
 Twinkle Marie 🌸🎶🌸


Love Will Prevail