Another Online UU Church

While I cannot endorse this congregation just yet as I do not know enough about it, I am delighted to find more and more diversity in online and in-person UU offerings.  Ours truly is a living faith tradition.  Everyone has a voice! For those interested in information about this alternative place of discussions, worship and learning, here is another Online UU offering:

The First Unitarian Universalist Church of the Internet

to Discover, Distribute, & Discuss
the very best in UU thinking.

FUUCI Disclaimer:
“This organization is completely independent.
It is responsible only to its members,
who are UUs and other open-minded freethinkers worldwide.
The individual authors of cyber-sermons
and other communications distributed by FUUCI
are responsible for the opinions expressed.
Such views are not necessarily
those of the Unitarian Universalist Association
or any of its congregations or affiliates.”

Their website is currently hosted by the University of Minnesota,
which I hope sometime soon they will transition over to a more user-friendly space. 
They also have a Facebook presence.