assiduously protected heart

I keep reaching for it,

wondering if it is there to find.


Have I so assiduously blocked its access

to my Soul’s most vulnerable parts

that spirit-to-spirit

with this other

is unable to unfold.


Or, perhaps, it,

in its wholeness,

does not exist.

And the One recognized fully

is unique from all others,

and such not to be found again

with another.


If either are so,

what a wondrous protection to my heart;

for if you cannot reach the Soul,

you cannot harm the heart.


My waking days and restful nights

not altered with whims and worries

or problematic plights.


Harnessing only the here and the now

enjoying the human gifts of closeness and touch

without the relinquishing of

my Spirit’s

sovereign power.


This shall be the goal.



November 16, 2016