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“Cliff’s Notes to the Corinthians”

Cliff’s Notes to the Corinthians”

Love is patient.

Love is kind.

Love is intensely passionate, yet

Love is not easily angered.

Love is deeply affectionate.

Love is loyal.

Love always protects.

Love always trusts.

Love one another.

Love one another.

There exists a place in our hearts where intimacy has no limit  and love has no barrier.

But I believe that place is sacred and is meant to be accessed by-invitation-only. 

On Sunday February 10th, we will explore the kind of love that is trusted, safe and secure.

Love without fears

Love with full connection.

Love that is free to blossom and grow.

Love you can trust.

SERMON: Undoubted Love, A Matter of Trust – UU Church, Waterville, Maine

Give Yourself to Love

February brings with it reminders of what Love can bring to our lives. Without a doubt I can tell you, if Love is what you want, give yourself over to Love….and Love will find you!

Kate Wolf “Give Yourself to Love”

Holly Near film screening

Mark your calendars and join us at Twinkle’s Place: Friday, March 1st on your local PBS station to view this beautiful new film about the life & work of Holly Near, aptly titled: “Singing For Our Lives”<3 And, WOW, what a cast: Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, Kevin Bacon, our beloved Pat Humphries and Sandy O, the list goes on! (click image below for preview)

UU Waterville Service – Join us February 10th, 2019

Sunday, February 10th, 2019  (10:00 am)

The Universalist Unitarian Church of Waterville

69 Silver Street, Waterville, Maine

Guest in the Pulpit: Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning

“Beyond an altruistic ‘unconditional love’ is the concept of ‘undoubted love.’ The kind of love that is mutually intentional, mutually experienced. May we explore how to love and be loved in return.” 

ArtSeek on Moosehead Lake

This Summer on Moosehead Lake in Maine:  The “ArtSeek” program, designed by Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning, is where “The Artist’s Way” meets “The Seeker’s Guide”!! Inspired by the works and wisdom of Julia Cameron and Elizabeth Lesser, the ArtSeek curriculum is designed to:

✫  Re-establish the artist’s commitment to her work

✫  Cultivate a relationship with whatever serves as her Muse

✫  Build a support system to foster continued creativity and joy