beauty deeper than seen

I received these of many love offerings the past two days.  These beautiful flowers from a dear friend’s garden that now adorn my dining room and these words of wisdom sent to me just now by Caitlin as a sweet bedtime prayer:

triquetra green


When you’re ready, try your best to forgive, for your sake.  The only thing real about any person is love.  Fear can be terrifying to witness, but it’s not who a person is.

Pain is a teacher.  Suffering is a teacher.  I know you well enough to know you won’t waste this.  You’re much too creative to become bitter.  It may be hard to see this now, but actually something very beautiful will come of it.  Something deeper than you’ve ever been able to see.

But tonight and tomorrow, just breathe. 
Sleep, sleep, no worries, just sleep.”

triquetra green

I am praying that I can live into this affirmation.


ॐ Namaste, and hopefully goodnight ॐ

~ Twinkle