BikeMaine 2017

(wearing my Town Councilor hat):

Friends in Pittsfield – we have been selected as one of the Host Towns for the BikeMaine 2017 Ride

We are seeking volunteers to assist as we plan the activities as well as to be present hosting the days they will be here: September 10 in the afternoon through overnight and departing after breakfast on September 11th.

Any level of expertise you have in planning is helpful. Any assistance you are able to provide the days they are here is helpful.

Also, any ideas you have about how to make this a Fun Adventure for the over 400 riders who will be visiting our Town.

This is a wonderful opportunity to show our visitors the best Pittsfield has to offer!

PLEASE NOTE: “Twinkle” is hosting a Vigil on the morning of Monday, September 11th for the cyclists in Manson Park and anyone in the general public who wishes to attend.  She will be joined by multi-faith clergy from in and around Pittsfield and Central Maine.

We are soon going to be having a meeting to discuss what potential events, tours and activities we can include. Please inbox me if you are interested in participating. For more information about the event, visit:

Please “like” and follow the Facebook Page for regular updates.

AND – please email me if you would like to participate.

OR if you would like to Volunteer Someone Else to participate LOL

Place in the subject bar: BikeMaine Pittsfield 2017

 All Energetic Kind-Hearted Volunteers Are Welcome



Proud to be a part of the 2017 BikeMaine Tour

Do you like Bicycling? Meeting new people?

Promoting your town and region?

Fundraising for your community group?

An informal forum will be held on Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at 6:00 pm

in the Pittsfield Municipal Building Council Chambers at 112 Somerset

Avenue to discuss the 2017 BikeMaine Tour that will arrive in Pittsfield

Sunday afternoon and depart late Monday morning, September 10-11.

It is a great honor to be chosen for this premier bicycling tour.

Over 500 people will set up camp in Manson Park during these days.

There are 400 bicyclists and approximately 100 support staff/

volunteers/family/friends that will be our guests.

The Town and its volunteers are responsible to provide a number

of services and fun activities for our guests. This is our chance to

show off the Town and for businesses/community groups and vendors

to sell products and services. What a great fundraising opportunity

for community groups. We are looking for bicyclists, walking/health

enthusiasts, planners, community groups and churches, citizens who

love to show off their town plus as many volunteers as possible.

A farmers market/crafters/artisans event is a possibility, walking

tours to our beautiful parks, exploring the theatre, checking out

MCI and the historical depot plus much more can take place with

your help and support. Sponsorships will be available to help us

promote this event and provide businesses and groups with great

advertising opportunities. We need ideas!

This large event will positively impact the community and region.

The Sebasticook Valley Chamber of Commerce (SVCC) which

serves 12 towns will be involved. We are looking to bring in

businesses and community groups from the entire region!

Come learn…help…get involved….Questions contact Kathryn Ruth,

Town Manager at the Pittsfield Town Office (487-3136).

BikeMaine 2017 is a project of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine.