Blue Christmas Women’s Open Temple

Monday, December 14th, 2020

7:00PM Eastern via Zoom

The holiday seasons are not easy for everyone. For some, they are a time of great loneliness and sadness.

To honor the pain many feel, with the hope of creating a place of sacred solace and reflection, this Open Temple Minerva-style Women’s gathering will have readings, prayer, meditation, ritual, and candle lighting.  

Please please RSVP: to receive the Zoom video link.

ALSO: This holiday season, Twinkle published a much requested edition of her Blessing Book series: Blue Christmas, A Guided Retreat to Ease Your Heartache and Bring Peace of Mind

Please buy this book – if not for yourself, for someone you love who is grieving.

Click file below for additional links to purchase the book or visit the publisher’s website for updates and specials, as well as for bulk orders of 20 or more books.