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Indigenous Soul Revival – Book Selection

We are delighted to explore this book by Cathie Stivers: Reviving Our Indigenous Souls: How to Practice the Ancient to Bring in the New. Be sure to get your copy now and Join us in September for our book discussion group!

The video link below is a message featuring the Author talking about how this book came into being, and how we can apply the wisdom in our lives:

Note: Cathie is a member of UUSCM !!

Approved UUA Related Organization!!

It’s official – “Twinkle’s Place” is an approved UUA Related Organization for Congregational Life!! As an interfaith minister my path has not been conventional, but it has been deeply blessed. I am grateful to be welcomed into our UU faith community and have my unique ministries be given a place of belonging. Join us in Pittsfield and on Moosehead Lake!!

Holly Near film screening

Mark your calendars and join us at Twinkle’s Place: Friday, March 1st on your local PBS station to view this beautiful new film about the life & work of Holly Near, aptly titled: “Singing For Our Lives”<3 And, WOW, what a cast: Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, Kevin Bacon, our beloved Pat Humphries and Sandy O, the list goes on! (click image below for preview)

New Blog Addresses RACE in America

Wow! Provocative new blog series by UU Minister & Theologian: Rev. Thandeka:

Black lives have never mattered in America. Today, more and more whites are discovering that their lives don’t matter either”

“The concept of white privilege was created to hide white suffering.” “White-skin privilege conceals the fact that just like blacks, whites in America have no binding legal rights to health care, living wages, decent housing, and a viable public education system for their kids. Most whites in America are treated like niggers.”

White people are killing themselves at a higher rising rate than members of any other racial group in America today. What’s going on? And for those of us who are not white, why should we give a damn? As an African American minister, this is why I give a damn.”

For those of you who know the tragic stories held close in our family, you understand why now more than ever we are evangelists for peaceable ways of life and living, founded in compassion and grace, that are just and accessible for all. Grateful for Thandeka’s courage to educate the world with her wisdoms.