Congregational Polity and the Myth of Congregational Autonomy

I am so glad that this has been finally posted. I attended Sue’s workshop at GA in Portland two years ago. Such important information for congregation members and parish and community ministers to understand.

For those feeling they are UU in their hearts, wish to claim it as their own, but currently claimed by their faith according to the summary set out here by Sue Phillips, yet not yet part of a UU organization – you are Not Alone!

For individuals who have not found a local congregation to call your own, know that there are many online gatherings of UU communities, as well as the Church of the Larger Fellowship, where you can become a member of this UU covenanted “beyond-the-walls” congregation to be claimed by your faith.

For ministers ordained by another denomination and/or not UU fellowshipped, consider the Unitarian Universalist Society for Community Ministries as a viable option to live into your call as clergy in an ever-evolving faith-tradition.