“Councils” Revisited

Marge Piercy “Councils” Revisited by Twinkle

She says we must sit down
and reason together.

Close to the earth;
no platform, no stage. 

In Circle

Facing each other.

In small groups.

Easily able to see and to hear
who is speaking.

Without judgement, 

as if in the dark,                                               

where the words matter most, 

not who is saying them.


We begin
to begin to listen.

Speaking softly.
Saying our truths.

Affirming the Holy in each other 

and beyond us as we do.

“It is not I who speaks but the wind.”

She says

“Wind blows through me.
Long after me, 
is the wind.”

Long after us 

are the decisions 

we make in Councils.

When we truly value each other, 

we talk with each other. 

Not at 

or to 

but with.  

Our words honor each other. 

Our words reflect the legacy 

we wish to leave 

for those who come next. 

Our words are strong, 

yet gentle. 

In this place we create together 

we are intentionally and mutually peaceable.

From this sacred space 

of mutual peaceableness 

we can express what is truly 

on our hearts and minds, 

without pretense, 

without pressure to conform 

this way or that way. 

We can be brave knowing we are safe. 

We can be flexible 

knowing no one here wants to break us. 

We can trust we are each equal. 

We can create the highest good for all.


we listen

 and act 

with love.

Above poem by Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Porter-Manning, April 2020

Inspired by Marge Piercy’s “Councils” poem in Circles on the Water