ever expanding altar of the dead

I grow weary at this ever expanding altar of the dead

today we discovered yesterday yet another.

Earth Angels do you want to be set fully free,

or do you want this place we set for you each year?

Today we found out that yesterday another friend has passed away this month.  That’s three in one month. Massachusetts. Florida. California. This most recent one the closest and most sorrow-filled for me.  For this and other reasons, I am going on strike.  I am breaking tradition this year and not setting the altar for the dead.  At least not in the way I typically do.

The altar will be as they are, an apparition felt in the shadows, lingering in heart and mind, yet free to roam untethered to my selfish will.

This holiday of remembrance will be marked with only a black candle to honor the dark season, and it’s light in symbol of that which connects us all regardless of life or death.

May the Veil in its wisdom stroke us gently as we sleep.

Bringing solace to the lonely and weary among us.

May our own self-reliance be the thing that wakes us,

Lighting the way for our paths to continue as is best.

Blessed Be.