For the Grief Stricken

Moving forward is necessary; “moving on” is impossible. Our loved-one’s death was more than a moment; their life is more than a memory. Their existence is ever-present as they shape our lives even now.

This video came across my screen this morning, I felt compelled to share it here. It echoes a sentiment expressed above, something I express at memorial services; indeed, a sentiment I express with a fair amount of frequency in the mirror as affirmation, even permission, to allow, even welcome, the presence of grief in my life…no matter how long ago the loss was. Grief is a spectrum. It contains all our emotions, sometimes at the same time. And, when we lose many people, the recommendation of “move on” may seem as a sanity-saving measure. I promise you it is not. Moving on is impossible. Moving forward is necessary. The excerpt above, and this full video below help explain why:

Posted May 6th, 2019