Gratitude to Joseph: Exemplar of Men

This time of year we are swarmed with stories of the birth of Jesus.

Mary is also exalted, deservedly so as the Mother of God incarnate.

Yet little attention,
or gratitude,
is bestowed upon Joseph.

In this story,
and most certainly because of my current circumstances,
I believe the modern-day hero of this story is Joseph.

He accepted the responsibility to become father to a son without a father present. A step-father yes, but even more than that….or, perhaps, what step-fatherhood would be were individuals and society to choose the highest potential in family situations.

Joseph stood by his beloved, married her, and raised her child as his own.

Together they mapped out a plan for their family. They taught young Jesus the ways of their tribe. When other (natural born) children joined their family, Joseph’s love and attention to Jesus was not diminished or forsaken because of their biological difference. As the child grew towards and into adulthood, Joseph proudly trained Jesus the skills of his trade to become a master carpenter.

Thank you Joseph.

Thank you for this example to husbands and fathers.

Thank you for loving this child as your own.

Thank you for accepting him as the gift he was to you.

Thank you for being a gift to him.

Thank you for standing by your woman. Protecting her and helping her create a stable loving home for your family even amidst chaos and danger being imposed by others.

Thank you Joseph.

May the men living today follow your perfect example so that every child may know the deep and abiding love of a father.


This entry was posted on December 11, 2015