Grief brings friends

Grief is everything and more, and nothing and different, than what most believe it is. Until one is holding their own grief -and being gripped by it- they cannot grasp the breadth of it, and even then it is always subjective. I believe the single unchanging ever-truth of grief is that when it is present, it brings with it nefarious friends: fear, anxiety, self-doubt, regret, guilt among the legion of foes to peace in our heart. Mind, with its memory and hindsight prophecy, plays a role too as it lies in wait ready to pounce; weaponizing thoughts of what once was, and what will never be. 

Unguided grief takes its toll a thousand fold and in as many painful ways. 

Immersing in a visioning process, opening to new surroundings, people and experiences, and surrendering to what is while abiding ones own inner compass to discover what is next, can go a long ways toward coping with and healing grief.