He Beckoned Me Forward

The Chickadee’s singsong 

greeting me at the entrance 

“hel lo”
“hel lo”
He called to me;
beckoning me forward
into his sanctuary.
triquetra green
“Hello” I replied
as I made my way down
the overgrown but discernible
path toward the pond
I had been told was there;
I had been told was beautiful;
I had been told would be quiet;
And they were right.
triquetra green
At first I wondered if the 
two who gave directions
would follow;
they did not.
Then, I wondered if others
would be in the woods
seeking solace;
no one else was.
triquetra green
The woods were mine
and mine alone
save for the Chickadee,
his song
and the spirits who watch 
over the land.
triquetra green
Sun-blessed trees.
Wind-cooled waters.
Deep roots saturated 
in sacred soil.
triquetra green
Hours spent in silence.
Felt like days spent in contemplation.
Peace found on Earth;
one moment at a time;
each containing every.
triquetra green
Beyond his sanctuary,
beckoning me forward,
He called to me
“hel lo”
“hel lo”
greeting me at the entrance;
The Chickadee’s singsong.