How I experience the Goddess in My Life

I believe there is a divine echo that whispers within every heart. That every soul carries with it the echo of a intrinsic intimacy. An original echo that is brought fourth through time from original source. A primal source where we are all One. Where intimacy has no limit and love has no barrier. And we carry the essence of this original echo as a talisman of our divinity and a reminder of the vast belonging we are capable of. Because it is who we are. We Belong to each other.
My affinity for the Sacred Feminine Deities provides me with archetypes to explore this echo in its various forms and claim that which I belong to.

For me the Goddess I have felt most connected with over time has been Hekate, for my path has had many thresholds and crossroads.

The Goddess Hekate has been part of my journey since long before I knew to call her by name. She, the mythical deity of the moon and of magic; the Torchbearer who lights the way at crossroads: Hekate, the Soteira (Saviour). This sacred image has been one that has guided me, given me strength, and helped me know I was not ever really alone.