Life as a kaleidoscope of color

A life led fully can be a kaleidoscope of color. Each path as uniquely decorated as this collection of wooden eggs that adorns my friend Bozena’s table. Beautiful ornaments carefully selected and gathered over many years.

This Easter weekend many of my friends will be arranging all manner of Egg Hunt for their children. In homes, backyards, parks. Children will joyfully attempt to unearth every egg.

As we watch the joy illuminated on our children’s faces when they discover the hidden gems during their search, we, too, are filled with joy. Joy at their discovery. Joy at watching them assess the landscape and figure out the most likely hiding spots. Joy at watching them collaborate with each other. Joy at this opportunity for them to just “be children.”

Each moment in our lives offers this same possible experience.

As individuals, as parents, as a community, we can discover the hidden gems in our lives and greet them with excitement.

When we do not see the treasure at first glance, we can search for it.


Fully focused on the goal of retrieving that which we most wish for.

Like children on an Easter egg hunt, we can assess the landscape of our lives with the sole purpose of discovering the things that will bring us the most joy. When we are engaged in this way, the less-joyful parts of life fade in significance.

This year Orion and I will be in New Smyrna Beach, FL participating in the Easter Egg Hunt festivities.

The fun begins at Old Fort Park. A site that has a significant amount of mystery attached to it. From the intact stone foundation of an 18th century building measuring 40 by 80 feet – that has virtually no record of being built. Add to that excavated pottery that indicates the site was first occupied around A.D. 500, continuing use to about A.D. 1500, and you have a location that calls out to historians and authors alike to create a sound story from the fragments of truths they have available to weave together.

Whenever I walk the grounds at this site, I feel the magic that remains from centuries of use. Communities gathering. In joyful times, and in wartimes, this location has been imprinted with the sounds of our laughter and of our tears. I resonate with the joy of the laughter, and honor the sorrow of the tears – knowing both have served a purpose.

Whether it is seeking out that elusive Easter egg or trying to make sense of a mystery we come across, we can choose whether the experience will be felt as a burden or a joy. Sometimes carrying a burden can build strength, like a weight-bearing exercise. But when we wear the burden like a cloak of honor, it can inhibited our ability to expand, to grow, to embrace life’s many beautiful gifts.

Look at the items in your life’s basket.

Are they as beautiful and as colorful as this photo?

Are they easy to carry?

Would it benefit you to share some with others? Releasing the ones that feel burdensome, sharing the ones that bring the most joy?

Do you see gaps in your life’s basket?

Could you use some help removing a burden or locating the treasure you desire? Following the example of children on an egg hunt, we can find ways to collaborate together, each having less burden and more joy in our life’s basket.

May your life be filled with a kaleidoscope of color and beauty and joy.


Originally posted: March 27, 2013