Mercury Retrograde + Full Moon = Be kind to each other or Be quiet.

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As we transition into Springtime here in New England, often we see transitions in our Spirits that mirror the transitions in the landscape.

Sometimes it can be as gently quiet as the melting snow.

Sometimes it is like the loud rushing of a river bloating at its banks from Winter’s oveflow.

The thing is, both can be disconcerting.  The quiet can numb one just as swiftly as the thrashing can, if one is not prepared.

Focusing on what you want most is essential. When you allow extraneous thoughts and feelings to cloud what is more important, you can easily become distracted, scattered and lose sight of what is truly important.

“In order that all your wishes or thoughts appear, there should be no other conflicting thoughts present to nullify their power.” – John McDonald, The Message of a Master

 “Let go of your story so the Universe can write a new one for you.” – Marianne Williamson, ACIM Teacher

“When I breathe in, I’ll breathe in peace; When I breathe out, I’ll breathe out love.” – Sarah Dan Jones, Unitarian Universalist Musician

We are completely woven out of each other and the cosmos itself. – Rev. James Ishmael Ford, Unitarian Universalist

Be kind to yourself, be kind to each other and know that every moment is a new moment to try again. Know that relying on the way you have done things up until now, will result in the same you have created up until now.

Release yourself from the trappings of your story; release others with whom you have bound up in it.  Allow the Flow of Life to flourish. Cultivate new practices to direct your heart and mind in deeper and more definitive directions. Be mindful of how you treat others, especially those closest to you – it matters.  It really matters.

Respect, Compassion, Friendship, Love.  If you have these, practice these, give and receive these, life has meaning, and joy and heartsongs will preside.

Listen for the heartsongs.

Co-create something good.


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