New Moon – Black Moon

This New Moon in Libra is about inner peace and balance. The Black Moon encourages us to find hope and meaning, gaining clarity and a sense of direction.  Assuring those willing to listen: Life is only as complicated as you choose it to be.  


When we are attuned to the cycles of the Earth, Nature’s support of us is made evident even more so at these intersections of lunar time. Once you choose your direction, life adjusts to your course.  But you must choose, else you succumb to limbo so evident in today’s societies.

September’s second new moon is an opportunity to look at the areas of our lives where more balance is needed. It also shines a light to reveal those near to us who are willing to walk paths of combined inner peace with us. The recognition and acceptance of such ones allows us access to great measures of peace.  

We are reminded that every moment is an opportunity to begin again. Be willing to hold a space of love and acceptance and therein you will discover the kind of magick this world (inner and outer) is made of.


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