Best Wishes to Sue Phillips!!!

We received an email from our New England Regional Lead, Sue Phillips, with the message that she is moving on from the UUA to become a Ministry Innovation Fellow at Harvard Divinity School.  

Sue was the key person behind many of our denominations most creative innovations, including spearheading the FAITHIFY crowd funding platform that was launched at General Assembly 2014 and to date has more than $1 million pledged to over 200 campaigns.  The UU Talks entrepreneurial project “Twinkle” Marie Manning is the founder of was one of those successful FAITHIFY campaigns and will ever be grateful to Sue for making that possible.

What a wonderful exemplar of innovative leadership Sue Phillips has been for us. May we follow her example of following our passionate callings. And may we heed her advice to be committed to each other and to our Faith. ❤️🙏🏼

To view her letter, click the link below:


Response to Partial Government Shutdown in State of Maine

Relief efforts are being put in place to help those impacted by the State of Maine’s partial government shutdown.

Below is a memo posted by State Senator Shenna Bellows.

To the state workers in my district who cannot sleep tonight because they literally do not know where their next paycheck is coming from:

1. If you need food, contact me. We will not let anyone go hungry during this time.
2. If you need credit to meet a bill, the State of Maine Credit Union has announced a zero percent loan to replace paychecks in this time.…/state-of-maine-employee-loan/
3. If you need temporary employment, there is at least one local farmer offering temporary work to help with planting.
4. If you need childcare or summer programming, the Boys and Girls Club is floating the children of state workers for free in these weeks.
5. If you need anything at all, email me at, and I will do my best to help you find options.

And I will be in the legislature every day until the small group of radical House Republicans come to their senses. I voted for a budget I hated because I believe that people should not have to suffer for the ideological purity of a few. And yet people will suffer. I am so very sorry.

Governor LePage’s message:

governor state services PDF

College of Social Justice Leadership Trainings

Some have been asking about Social Justice training.  This is not something part of our current line up of gatherings offered at Twinkle’s Place. However, we are happy to share with you that the Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice has opened registration to two upcoming trainings:


Religious Leaders

UU Naples Job Position Open – Interim DLRE

I am sharing this for two reasons.

First because it is a wonderful opportunity for a DLRE to work with one of the most amazing ministers I know: Tony Fisher! We’ve stood side by side on social justice projects, including speaking together at Standing on the Side of Love/One Billion Rising events in Concord, MA (press references: 2013 and 2014).

Secondly I am sharing this because of the way he describes his congregation as an Oasis and one that is experiencing accelerated organic growth – something I feel each of our UU congregations can create with this kind of thoughtful approach.

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Full job description – click here.