re-imagining church

This is one of the messages I was looking for earlier this Spring when it became evident of what was going on locally in the Pittsfield UU Church.

It is critical for congregational leaders to really, deeply acknowledge and understand that the congregation is the people – not the church. The congregation is the people. Meet them where they are, nourish them, and allow them to grow.


I’ve tried to hold out hope – for hope’s sake. But someone close has said the writing has been on the wall since before I moved here about the demise of this particular would-be UU church.

Congregational Life and authentic welcome is critical to the life of a church.

Back to Zero is often necessary before positive shifts can happen.

What is the mission?

What is the purpose?

It is critical to give attention to these rather than pandering to the constituencies already here among us.

And to have the faith to say Yes more often to nuanced ideas and encourage the champions and leaders of our congregations to have leadership roles.

Yes, fill leadership positions with Leaders…And let them Lead.

Leaders who have a bold vision for our congregations.

And a bold vision for how Unitarian Universalism can positively impact the world.

Our congregation can be more than a shrine to distant memories.

Our congregation can be a place where we gather together for spiritual exploration.

Collaborating with other neighboring congregations.

Reaching out to those in our communities seeking spiritual sanctuary and a place to call their spiritual home.

May this become so.