Riley’s Memorial – Rockwood, Maine

This gathering was for our USA family. On the same day on Prince Edward Island, his Canadian family gathered. Covid restrictions prevent us from all being together in person. But the spirit of our mutual love for Riley gathers us together regardless of geography.

Below are the words we read. And a few photos.

The only words ever appropriate at a time like this are the ones we carry in our hearts. For Riley was something different and unique to every one of us here.

There’s so much left unspoken, and nothing that will encompass all.

Whatever your relationship with Riley, and whatever beliefs you have about the Circle of Life, and of death, and of what is beyond, this bench is for you and for all of us. A place to memorialize Riley’s life and acknowledge his death. A place to contemplate our own lives and how to best live them.

Here, we will remember him, beneath the trees, surrounded by woods and with glimpses of water in sight. A path nearby to walk along and nature to explore.

Riley would have loved it here! And, now, part of him resides here even as part of him resides in our hearts.

May all our joys and any sadness we have be held sacred in this haven.

As we gather today, let us remember that Life is to be lived as fully as possible. Let us remember to help each other through difficult times and to celebrate as many happy times as we can together.

May it be so.

And, we played the video of our daughter Josie’s MCI Jazz ensemble performance of “Evergreen.” Here is Yebba’s original version: