she stood there no more

“She Stood There”

In the midst of the shadows

In a darkness that haunted

She stood there still, silent, sorry, sad.

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Plenty of time to think of days gone by

Loves lost, loves gained; her sorrow remembered

She stood there still, silent, sorry.

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The seconds ticked to minutes

The minutes onto hours

She stood there still, silent.

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She realized she could not have it all

So she settled for less; but yet only the best

She stood there still.

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With her eyes wide open, her head held high

With a decision in mind

She stood there no more.

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By: “Twinkle” Marie Manning

Originally penned in 1989 on Prince Edward Island, Canada

First Published in 2009 in Poetry to Feed the Spirit, Poets of Central Florida Anthology

She Stood There