Corrosive Silence – when one or both partners deliberately ignore and exclude the other. This kind of silence hurts as much as, perhaps more than, a physical blow. Chemically the body, the brain, registers them as the same kind of pain.  This silence hurts. It causes enormous stress and results in vulnerability and distrust.  It corrodes love and eliminates respect.  It causes confusion and fuels misunderstandings. The “silent treatment” is essentially telling your lover, “you don’t matter to me” and “fuck you.”

Creative Silence – the silence between breaths of lovers who are best friends.  Long looks filled with love, often passion, always tenderness. The kind of silence accompanied by gentle caresses, knowing smiles, even laughter, often the catching of breaths in intimacy. This silence is founded in harmonious rhythms. A silence of gratitude and peace. This kind of silence strengthens relationships, fosters respect, enhances love. It is a deep fountain where truths are discovered. This “silence” says “I adore you” and “you are important to me.”

February 18, 2017