So…what is Unitarian Universalism?

I am an ordained Interfaith Minister yet I serve a number of Unitarian Universalist congregations as guest minister, retreat leader and consultant and am often mistaken for a UU minister. I am not! While I believe their stated principles have merit, I do not agree with all their organization’s directives (ie: church and state much? 😉) Yet I have much fondness for the congregations I serve, and several UU colleagues I count as dear friends. As it is a small religion many people in my interfaith community do not always know of it, and if they do only nominally so. The congregation of Idaho Falls was the focus of a podcast a few months ago. The interviewer did a good job of “covering” what Unitarian Universalism is, what its historical roots and local congregation’s origins are, as well as offers an observer’s glimpse of what many Sunday services look like in a UU congregation. I especially appreciate the one-on-one interviews he conducted with multigenerational congregation members. In doing so he gives listeners a good framing for what this faith path is in the hearts and minds of members. The evolution of UUism has brought it to a corporate mode of ops that leave many congregants seeking elsewhere for spiritual nourishment, spiritual sermons: that’s where I, and other spiritual interfaith colleagues, come in. It is a blessing to serve where we can to bring the light of hope and connection with humanity’s spiritual aspects.