Soul Matter Sharing Circle 2019-2020

Last year Twinkle enrolled in Soul Matters Sharing Circle, an innovative network of Unitarian Universalist congregations who follow the same monthly themes so we can more easily share small group material, as well as worship, sermon, music and children’s religious education resources.

The 2019-2020 service year will begin this Autumntime; themes will include:

September:  Expectation

October:  Belonging

November:  Attention

December:  Awe

January:  Integrity

February:  Resilience

March:  Wisdom

April:  Liberation

May:  Thresholds

June:  Play

We invite you to join us, and if you are a minister, we invite you to join Soul Matters Sharing Circle to become companions traveling a new journey together each month.

Also, here is the entire list of the 2019-20 sacred words and the core themes they are paired with:

September:  Faith   (expectation)

October:        Mysticism   (belonging)

November:  Prayer   (attention)

December:  Reverence   (awe)

January:         Soul   (integrity)

February:      Grace   (resilience)

March:            Awakening   (wisdom)

April:                Surrender   (liberation)

May:                 Blessing   (thresholds)

 June:                Myth   (play)