Best Wishes to Sue Phillips!!!

We received an email from our New England Regional Lead, Sue Phillips, with the message that she is moving on from the UUA to become a Ministry Innovation Fellow at Harvard Divinity School.  

Sue was the key person behind many of our denominations most creative innovations, including spearheading the FAITHIFY crowd funding platform that was launched at General Assembly 2014 and to date has more than $1 million pledged to over 200 campaigns.  The UU Talks entrepreneurial project “Twinkle” Marie Manning is the founder of was one of those successful FAITHIFY campaigns and will ever be grateful to Sue for making that possible.

What a wonderful exemplar of innovative leadership Sue Phillips has been for us. May we follow her example of following our passionate callings. And may we heed her advice to be committed to each other and to our Faith. ❤️🙏🏼

To view her letter, click the link below: