Surrender to Prayer

by: Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Porter-Manning, interfaith minister & co-convener of UU Women and Religion.

Soundbite: Surrender to Prayer:

My guess is, that we each have something that we feel is Holy.

And I urge you to turn to that first.

When feeling vulnerable,                                                                                  

when feeling scared,                                                                                           

when feeling like you are just     

not quite   

feeling like yourself,

Turn to that which you identify as Holy,

identify as Sacred.

And, ….. if I may suggest: 

Surrender to that.

And,  ….. by “surrender,”

I mean Pray.

And here is the thing:

Prayer can be as diverse as our interpretations of that which we call Holy.

Prayer can be found in stillness:

Intentionally being still. Being silent.

Sitting in your home   or at the river   or ocean   or lake,

In the midst of a forest,

In Sunshine or Starshine or Rain.

Prayer can be  your voice:

Chanting as you are

Drawing down the moon

Or Singing a lullaby to your child,

or to yourself.

Prayer can be visualization:

Envisioning that which you wish to be made manifest.

Seeing and focusing in your mind

your fondest dreams and most heartfelt desires.

Prayer can be the act of writing:

A poem or words written in stream of consciousness.

Prayer can be expressions of Deep Gratitude: 

“Abundant Earth Mother, thank you for the nourishment you provide us each day.”

Prayer can be pleas for help, and for guidance:

“Dear God, I don’t know how I am going to face what is next, please help me see the path that is mine to take, and instill in me the courage to take it.”

Prayer can be a blessing or mantra: 

“Ah-teh, Mal-Kooth, Vay-Gay-Boo-Rah, Vay-Ga-Doo-Lah, Le-Olam, Ah-men”

(Though Art within me, The Kingdom, And the Power, And the Glory, Forever Amen)

Prayer can be a single word, simply felt or thought and released to the Divine:


Every day

We know

Someone’s heart is breaking

Someone’s soul is soaring

Someone’s mind is racing

Let us together remember

to create the space to hold all this

and create a world of hope and blessing

through prayer.


Above is an excerpt from Twinkle’s “Amalek Within” service: