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Vacation Time!

For our family, as we still having one school age child, Summertime is an especially special time of the year.  We have more freedom during this season than any other to plan vacations and take spur-of-the-moment adventures and spend time together   as a family, and with friends, mostly unhindered by the demands of other things. We know we are fortunate for this. It is a blessing we are grateful for every day. Our wish is that every family can experience this kind of freedom, and, when they do, to choose to take the time to deepen the bonds of love with those who matter most to them.

May we remember that we belong to each other.

And use our time in ways that show we do.


Inauguration Day Potluck & Candlelight Vigil

We are taking a road trip to join in beloved community with the Unitarian Universalist congregation in Sangerville.

UU churches and fellowships do not endorse or denounce political candidates, we promote values and principles in alignment with our liberal faith and we seek ways to meet the needs of our community. 

The results of this election have caused fear in our nation, and in our community. Residents have concerns about how the new administration will affect them and those they love.  There are fears about access to needed medical care, the sexual objectification of women, potentially negative implications possible policy changes would mean to marriage equality and LGB rights, as well as concerns about racism, xenophobia and human rights violations.

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Sangerville & Dover-Foxcroft will host a Potluck and Vigil on the eve of Inauguration Day. It will be a time to comfort one another as we express our concerns and share our hopes.

Friday, January 20th 2017

5:30 pm

Join us for a Mexican potluck and candle lighting.

Vigil Leader: Sue Griffith


New Moon in July

new moon cleo july crop


Cleo is eagerly anticipating our monthly New Moon ritual.

July’s New Moon is in Cancer.   A perfect time for accessing our inner most desires, communicating our feelings, and honoring our emotions.  

Dive deep as you plant seeds of creation for your highest good, cultivating self-love and compassion. 

With several of our regular participants leaving town for vacations later this week and others in our community have various conflicting plans, we have decided to have this month’s New Moon gathering a day early:

Join us Wednesday July 15th, 7pm at Twinkle’s Place.

Twinkle will lead the ritual as we honor this sacred time of the month and prepare for what is next on our journeys.

Inviting teachers and leaders to join us in community…

Friends, do you feel called to teach and share your gifts?  We invite you to join us at Twinkle’s Place.

  • Lead a Sacred Ceremony on the New Moon
  • Facilitate a Workshop or Journeying Circle
  • Perform a Concert
  • Present a Talk
  • Create a TV Show
  • Teach Weekly Yoga Classes or Guided Meditations

Join us in the privacy of our home, or collaborate with us at a larger local venue such as local Unitarian Universalist Churches, Libraries, Wellness Centers and Theaters.  We are excited to discover what you feel called to share in community, and how we can help you do so.



Twinkle witches ball website 150

Meet & Greet

Join us for a Meet and Greet on

Wednesday, April 29th – 10:00 AM – Noon.

This is a great time for those who are considering facilitating a workshop or class at Twinkle’s Place – or would just like to come hang out with us for a couple hours !  We will give you a tour and look forward to learning about your practice and discovering ways to collaborate with each other.



New Moon Gatherings

The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, a monthly re-start, and an opportunity to take stock of the directions you wish to focus your energies on.   During the dark of the moon, the moon generates energy that is creative, receptive and strong.  Taking the time in solitude -or in a group- to center yourself, feel your connection with the Earth and the Universe as you enter into sacred space is a key to peace of mind and a purposeful life.

sacred symbol women green seed

On the date of Each Full Moon “Twinkle” hosts a gathering in her home for friends who wish to celebrate with her…

New Moon Dates logo 150

2017 Dates

Saturday, January 28th

Sunday, February 26th

Tuesday, March 28th

Wednesday, April 26th

Thursday, May 25th

Saturday, June 24th

Sunday, July 23rd

Monday, August 21st

Wednesday, September 20th

Thursday, October 19th

Saturday, November 18th

Monday, December 18th

sacred symbol women green seed

2016 Dates

Saturday, January 9th

Monday, February 8th

Tuesday, March 8th

Thursday, April 7th

Friday, May 6th

Saturday, June 4th

Monday, July 4th

Tuesday, August 2nd

Thursday, September 1st

Friday, September 30th (Blue Moon)

Sunday, October 30th

Tuesday, November 29th

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2015 Dates

March 20th

April 18

May 18

June 16

July 16

July 15

August 14

September 13

October 13

November 11

December 11