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Gift from the Sea

Many of the women who have been emailing me this month have been inquiring about summer retreats.  At this time, we do not have any planned.  However, because so many have asked, I am happy to host a “beach day” with my sister, Laura, this August. Most likely Searsport with breakfast at Coastal Cafe.

This will a be spur of the moment event, so if you are among those interested, please send us an email, and to be included in our modern day “phone tree” please include your cell # so we can text as well as email you when the date is set.  Also include your area of interest.

searsport me

My sister is a doula so is ready to lead a discussion about that.  I am a poet and a writer – I encourage everyone to bring a journal to write in.

I also encourage you to read, Anne Morrow’s Gift from the Sea – it is a timeless classic for women reflecting on where they are on their journeys, where they see themselves going, and how to prioritize by letting go and lifting up in order to have a full life they love.

Gift from the sea in sand

And, for those living in Florida (or interested in a travel retreat), I will be hosting a Gift from the Sea workshop in New Smyrna Beach in January 2017.  I will post the details of this and other Florida events soon.  For more information, email:


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New Smyrna Beach, Florida