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Schedule your Sisterhood Retreat!

How many times have you said to your dearest friends that it has been “too long” since you got together? 

How long has it been since you actually took a day with the sole focus of feeding your spirit, nurturing your own needs and took a break from the caregiving you provide to your family, your partner, and the details of running a household and a business?

Give yourself permission to do just so. Gather the women in your life that are like Sacred Soul Sisters to you!

Join us for a day designed around your needs and your desires.

Includes guided group meditation, ritual circle or art project, private intuitive reading, lunch at Twinkle’s Place or Vittle’s Restaurant.  Minimum of 4 and up to 12 participants. This is a day-retreat.  Should you seek overnight accommodations, please ask and we can assist. 

Schedule a date.  Tell us your preferences. We will set in motion a day filled with sacredness, healing, relaxation, joy – quiet contemplation or silence if you want it – laughter and jubilation if that is what you wish.

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Follow this link for more information!