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The VUU – A Handmaid’s Protest with Erin Walter

Worth watching this week’s episode of The VUU!

I admit, I was not going to watch the Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale because being familiar with Margaret Atwood’s powerful novel and living in a society where we have systemic elitism that lead to a version of what is otherwise depicted as a dystopian society where “things like this happen only happen on TV” are very much a reality in our day. With much transformation needed in our world, we all have to choose which call to answer and which cause to actively advocate. If anyone in Maine would like to participate in a Handmaid’s Vigil group, please let us know and we can connect you with others who are hoping to form one! Groups would go to State House, but also act locally in smaller numbers within their own communities.



The VUU Stories of Color

Did you see The VUU yesterday? Three people of color – each with different perspectives to share about race, unity, and our faith. I was most drawn to Chandra and Mike’s words. Yet I so love the way that their collaboration with Yuri creates sacred space for all voices and stories to be shared, even if they have different perspectives.

Click the image below to connect with Stories of Color Facebook page.

Twinkle & Peter Bowden on The VUU This Week!!

We are honored to be invited to join Meg Riley and the cast on this week’s episode of The VUU. The VUU is a live television show produced by the Church of the Larger Fellowship. We will be answering questions about the new UU Talks project being launched this year, including sharing details about our inaugural model talks event to take place at the UUA headquarters on April 28th!

Join us live on Thursday, February 2nd at 11:00AM EST https://youtu.be/RChj5MknLt0.

And, please comment in the YouTube link tomorrow so we know our friends are with us !