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Above pictured UU Church in Sangerville, Maine – JOIN US!

More than a social club, Church can be one of our spiritual homes.  Intentionally it can be where we find the most sacred place of belonging, where our inner light recognizes and is recognized by those in our presence. It is where our whole-broken selves, our gifts and our flaws, are accepted and rejoiced in. It can be where our Beloved Community resides and grow from. Where, with our chosen actions and activities, we can bless and be blessings to each other, and to our larger community. Not just the principle or ideal of “belonging” but the active creation and cultivation of an environment that allows genuine belonging to occur. The place where we bear witness to each other, are held tenderly in difficult times and are accompanied during celebratory occasions. It is where we not merely know of each other, but, rather, have the opportunity and responsibility to really know each other.

This applies wherever you gather in spiritual community, by whichever name you call it.

Join us! in Sangerville and at TwinklesPlace for services!

Sunday, July 3rd Service: In Our Own Image

On Sunday, July 3rd Twinkle is leading services at First Universalist Church of Pittsfield in Maine.  She is collaborating with Jason Curran, an amazing musician.

Together they will explore the sacred with those present.

The theme of the service and Twinkle’s sermon title is:

“In Our Own Image”

There are many ways Unitarian Universalists approach the topic of God.

This service clarifies the realities of conscious and unconscious worshipping.

Sunday, July 3rd – 9:45 AM

July 3rd promo

For other services by Twinkle and Jason, visit here.

What Twinkle has to say about the creation of this service:

“The idea is that we all worship something.  And what we choose to worship can help us make sense out of life, even when life seems senseless.  What we choose to worship can comfort us, bring us joy, and have us greeting each morning in gratitude.  Or, what we choose to worship can eat us alive. We get to choose to whom we belong, which ‘god’ we will obey. The first step toward doing so is to understand the distinctions of conscious and unconscious worshipping. Also, Jason and I composed a song together for this service based on an old hymn. I find great meaning in doing this kind of co-creation together.”

Service: The Operator’s Manual for Planet Earth

Join Twinkle just a mile down the road from her beautiful home at the First Universalist Church of Pittsfield for an Outside-the-box Service this Sunday.

Sunday, March 20th
9:45 AM
First Universalist Church of Pittsfield
112 Easy Street, Pittsfield, Maine

Twinkle Jason Service 3 20 16
Special Presentation:
“The Operator’s Manual for Planet Earth”
Presented by:
Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning
& Jason Curran, Musician

This service combines
the spoken word with music


see First Universalist Church of Pittsfield Facebook posting.

preview Order of Service:

Operators Manual – Order of Service2

For other services by Twinkle and Jason, visit here.

New Moon in March + International Women’s Day + Solar Eclipse

According to Mystic Mama contributor, Lena Stevens, regarding this March

“It is time for the resets, committed choices and greater intentions to ignite, take flight and move into action.”

drum paint repeat

Twinkle will be hosting an afternoon ritual in her sacred space in celebration of the New Moon, Solar Eclipse and International Women’s Day this year.  Bring your drums!

Then in the evening she and others will join with Women With Wings in Bangor to be part of the UNIFY Women’s Circle Gatherings around the globe in celebration of International Women’s Day.  We will sing, chant and dance in honor of the sacred feminine.

For the past six years Twinkle has alternated her location on International Women’s Day between Boston and Santa Barbara with her Empowering Women TV teams in support of International Women’s Day Festivals endeavors. This year she is staying in Maine on Women’s Day continuing her inward journey, nourishing roots and following the calling of her heartsong.


wf 2015 tracy twink
VIDEO: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/340373684313676619/

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Meet & Greet

Join us for a Meet and Greet on

Wednesday, April 29th – 10:00 AM – Noon.

This is a great time for those who are considering facilitating a workshop or class at Twinkle’s Place – or would just like to come hang out with us for a couple hours !  We will give you a tour and look forward to learning about your practice and discovering ways to collaborate with each other.