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Sunday, July 3rd Service: In Our Own Image

On Sunday, July 3rd Twinkle is leading services at First Universalist Church of Pittsfield in Maine.  She is collaborating with Jason Curran, an amazing musician.

Together they will explore the sacred with those present.

The theme of the service and Twinkle’s sermon title is:

“In Our Own Image”

There are many ways Unitarian Universalists approach the topic of God.

This service clarifies the realities of conscious and unconscious worshipping.

Sunday, July 3rd – 9:45 AM

July 3rd promo

For other services by Twinkle and Jason, visit here.

What Twinkle has to say about the creation of this service:

“The idea is that we all worship something.  And what we choose to worship can help us make sense out of life, even when life seems senseless.  What we choose to worship can comfort us, bring us joy, and have us greeting each morning in gratitude.  Or, what we choose to worship can eat us alive. We get to choose to whom we belong, which ‘god’ we will obey. The first step toward doing so is to understand the distinctions of conscious and unconscious worshipping. Also, Jason and I composed a song together for this service based on an old hymn. I find great meaning in doing this kind of co-creation together.”