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TIME: You can be alot of things in this lifetime – but you cannot be a Zebra!

Rev. Marlin Lavanhar reminds us of the limits of our human experience, the limits of Time.  And reminds us too of the wondrous experiences we can choose to have within this limited amount of Time.

Learn to expand the quality of Time we have because we cannot expand the quantity of Time we have.

Learn to stop our compulsive busyness to notice and deeply appreciate the beauty of life, and connect with our heart and spirit, and with those most important in our lives.  Be grateful for the blessings we have.  And moderate our Time in a way that demonstrates this gratitude.



Our Favorite UU Things Church Service

From color psychology and Vedic hymns to family traditions and the structure of individual perception within a cultural construct, we will explore Our Favorite Things:

What are your favorite things about this Church?

What are your favorite things about Unitarian Universalism?

What are your favorite things about Life on Earth?

This service arranged by “Twinkle” Marie Manning is accompanied by musician Jason Curran with songs from The Sound of Music.

Sunday, June 5th – 9:45 AM

First Universalist Church of Pittsfield

Our Favorite Things Service

Service Leader: “Twinkle” Marie Manning

Musician: Jason Curran

Favorite Things Order of Service 62016

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