The Calling

The Calling

Feels stronger now

Clearer now, here 

In the noise I thought it must be one

Revealed in stillness to be many

Shown to be mine

Knowing is the coveted chest

Acting is the treasure within

The opening of takes courage

The Calling searches for a crevice

Pushes, pulls, prods to find

An outlet for Its source

Its key hidden among charms on a bracelet

Appears delicate, fragile

Embodies strength when activated 

With light shining behind it

Shadows come into form

Occupying sands in time

The echoes of a too long sleep wane

Remorse has no place for it suffocates joy

Rest’s desire is in balance

The Calling seeks a response

An unwritten denouement yet to be imagined

Remains a moment longer

What good can come of a life underwater?

Not seeing nor hearing the messages above

Dormancy is set aside to rise

Awake with understanding

My vigil is one of gentle grace

I choose to Stay and answer the Calling

~ Twinkle

June 14th, 2013