they move with grace in and out of many worlds

Amid all the turmoil March’s Madness tossed at us, I took a moment last week (as prompted by Facebook’s algorithm) to look up and post a sentence from the closest book to me:

They move with grace in and out of many worlds.

The sentence is by Natalie Goldberg in Writing Down the Bones.

I’ve been thinking alot about this over the weekend personally and professionally.  The sentiment greeted me again this morning with the sun shining brighter and brighter throughout this now April day. It’s luster and warmth seemingly in contrast outwardly to what is going on inside our faith tradition.  And inside our hearts and minds. 

And yet, it isn’t a contrast. 

For such is the nature of our lives. 

Many worlds contained in this one consciousness. 

The choice is ours how we navigate such worlds.

May we remember our covenants of love.

May we create space to begin anew when what we have known has crumbled.

May we seek to understand each other in our desires to manifest inclusive beloved community.

May we be willing to consider that we are wrong in our interpretations of ourselves and of each other, if only long enough to hear —really hear— what our brothers and sisters are saying.

May we move in and out of our experienced worlds with grace.

May we love one another.