Time for All Ages: Silly Geese

I grew up in Canada and one of the common sayings we would hear from adults when we did something that was bizarre or made them laugh was, “Oh, you silly goose!” 

When I was considering which Children’s Message to tell for our Time for All Ages during our service theme of Belonging to one another, I could not think of a better story than that of the geese.

When we think of geese, we usually think of the aerodynamic way they fly.  Their V-formation instantly recognizable as a flock of geese. We can imagine that they fly in that configuration to conserve energy, flying with more speed and ease, and protection from predators and elements. 

It is interesting to note that the goose leading the flock, is not always the same goose.  They change positions, sharing the leadership, taking turns, so that no one goose gets too tired.

Also, should one goose get hurt, or shot, and fall to the ground, two additional geese drop out of the flock and go to the ground with the injured goose.  And they remain with the injured goose until he is either ready to fly again and rejoin the flock, or he dies.  Only then, do the two sentinel geese return to the flock.

Geese – not so silly after all.

In similar ways, a strong beloved community emulates the example of geese:

sharing leadership,

making the travel on this journey through life easier for one another,

and ministering to one another when members are in need.  

From infancy through to our dying moments,

we help each other on our journeys because we belong to one another.

The above “Time for All Ages: Silly Geese” is an excerpt from the May 28th, 2017 service in Sangerville, Maine. Click image for full service and sermon.