time will tell

Do you ever see a picture of your face and think for a minute

‘yeah, that’s me.’

It can be a vulnerable moment and a telling one.

You see the lines etching Time’s passing into your skin in such a way that tells the world a bit about what your journey has been so far.
Grooves deepest signifying what you’ve given your attention over to.
Concentration lines at your eyebrows and expression lines upon your forehead.
Smile lines,
and if you are really lucky,
laugh lines
framing your mouth and your eyes.
The evolving shape of our lips indicating whether they have been
more active in being pursed in sadness and frustration or

in being loved with kisses.

I will turn 46 years old this June.

I am curious about that.

I suppose I am curious about aging in general.

Counting it in linear time sometimes seems appropriate enough,
and, other times, seems so disproportionate to the actual Life contained within a life.
For many it is significantly more than their birthdate would indicate, for others significantly less.
“May the moments and milestones within the chronological temporality of this physical plane, effervescently reflect the interminable ethereality of Life.”