UU Women’s Heart

Twinkle’s Place is proud to be a Founding Member of UU Women’s Heart.Afternoon Altar 2crop

UU Women’s Heart serves the UU New England Region in collaboration and support with and of UU Women and Religion.  Its purpose is to build (and support existing) community, create opportunities for women in the to come together to explore their spirituality in a shared experience with other women, and to provide resources for seekers and training for those who wish to step into leadership roles in their home church, in their clusters, states and the New England Region.

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Twinkle’s Place serves as one of the sites for UU Women’s Heart’s events in the New England Region, as well as opens its doors to facilitators to host their events serving the greater UU fellowship and members of the public who in their own work promote the established values of Unitarian Universalism, Beloved Community, and Sustainable Living.

A co-convener of UU Women and Religion, Twinkle assists in bringing the feminine and earth-centered spiritual aspects of our religion to women leaders through workshops to all the UU Regions.   Workshops focused on Shared Leadership and the Circle Model of Group Facilitation will provide UU women with the skills, confidence and support to bring what they learn back to their local congregations. UU Women’s Heart wholly supports these efforts and seeks to find ways to assist and promote the process of living into the 1977 UU Women and Religion Resolution.

And, of relevance, UU Women and Religion and Twinkle are reviving the spirit of The Sophia Journals through the new creation of The Sophia Anthologies Series!!


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