UUs, Music and Appropriation

THIS! Was a wonderful episode of The VUU interview with DeReau K. Farrar and Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout! I love the arc of the conversation. Important for us to contemplate as we build our worship services music, poetry, sermons – liturgy, all of it.
It could have gone on for another hour easily – – I hope they invite them back for another interview as I look forward to having more discussions about what ReNeau identified as the reality that for most UU Sunday services are more about social affirmation rather than spiritual development and Glen Thomas speaking about the vital role of embodiment for healing on a visceral level in our services and in our lives.  Let us truly do the work of healing our wounds and intentionally transform our Sunday Services, and our mission and our purpose, to that of Spiritual Growth, to the Sacred embodied. Amen.

UPDATE: January 2019:

In this video, members of the Navajo Nation say that they are not offended by cultural appropriation.  They feel:  “It is unfortunate that we live in a culture where outrage has become a recreational pastime….it hurts cross-cultural relationships, it hinders us helping to understand each other.” (4:03 minute mark)