vision notes re: the place where time stands still

Wednesday I spent a lot of time in Nature.  More than I have for consecutive hours in years. Then in the evening, I attended the Message Circle at Camp Etna Spiritualist Center where there were visiting readers from Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Florida.

There were two people there when I arrived.  One was the host (Diane), the other was the visiting reader from Cassadaga (Rev.Dr. Philip DeLong).  No one else came, which is unusual.  So, I had the full attention of the reader.  First Philip talked us through a beautiful guided meditation.  Similar to ones I practice to reach and root, to expand and ground, yet with his own wisdom and experience connecting us to the divine as he created and held the sacred space. 

I opened, as I do not always do, I opened and allowed myself to give access to my soul so that I could receive any and all awaiting messages.

After the meditation, he turned to me and spoke of the aura colors he saw – which were, I was relieved to discover, what I have come to know as my signature that true seers see.  In that moment I knew with certainty I could trust him.  And, I was right. His reading was accurate – delivered in meaningfully symbolic and ethereal ways.

My way of receiving a reading from another person, especial one who is new to me, is to be mostly silent unless asked a specific question.  Allowing the reader no verbal access to personal information from me, letting him talk, and then at the end confirming or inquiring for clarity.  I did so this time.  And from the very beginning of the unfolding of messages, he placed before me information that only someone connected with the Beyond could acquire.

Philip opened by talking about daffodils, fields of daffodils he saw for me, and a cup filled with them.

He asked if I knew why daffodils – of all the flowers, why daffodils?

I said nodded but remained silent. Charlie was with us. My brother.

(My brother died as a result of a motorcycle accident more than twenty years ago.  When he was a teenager he and his friend would pick daffodils from his friend’s mother’s large garden and place them in a jar at the end of the driveway on what looked like a lemonade-stand-style table with a sign that said 1 daffodil = $1.  What is extra cool about their entrepreneurial endeavor is that they did not staff the table.  They put out the jar each morning, then went about their day, trusting people would be honest and returned later to count what money was donated each day.  The flower jar was always empty.  The money jar always full.)

The reader said this spirit who showed him the daffodils had experienced much pain especially at the end of his life and the message from him is:

Life does not have to hurt.

Life is full of blessings.

Trust life.

Love life.

He then said their was an older male relative, what felt like a grandfather, my father’s father coming through on my right side.  He talked about reading books.  About gathering information.  About planning.  And that sometimes how I am my own worst enemy. And that right now I was surrounded by naysayers telling me I am not good enough, trying to discredit my value.  He said it was time to clear them out of my life and do what I am here to do, unlimited by negative people.  

He said my grandfather ways telling me to just focus.  “Trust yourself.  Do not hide your gifts.  Connect with intuition and know you can accomplish anything – alchemy one of your strongest gifts.” 

“Do you know this? That you are an alchemist?” the reader asked me.

I nodded.

“And a healer.”

I nodded.

“And that you often foresake yourself, your own wellbeing, to help others.”

I nodded.

“Yes.  Stop that.”

He said my grandfather wanted to remind me of this.  That I need take care of my self first so that I can be able to take care of others.  To do all I am here to do.

And he says the message is




And Plan.  And follow through with your plans.  Sometimes it will be several at once, sometimes will have to be one at a time. Plan. Complete. Plan. Complete.  And, above all – to ASK for help.  We are here to help”

Spirits and guardians are ready and wanting to help.  But we have to ask and accept help.”

Philip asked if the reading was making sense to me so far?

I nodded.

He said there is someone I need to have a conversation with.

“Have it.  Have it when you are ready.  But it is important, so have it.”

He told me the person’s name.

The actual name!!

He also said saw travel.  Next month first, though their were things to work out.  Perhaps a child’s schedule.  Perhaps clarity about what the travel was for.  And where it would lead. Just to stay focused.

Philip then said there are two women from my mother’s side of the family present to my left.  Both with “E” names.  He asked if I knew who they were.

I said yes – both my mother’s and her mother’s first names were “Evelyn.”

His message from them I will not write here in full but the essence was to not live as they had.  Instead to live fully – to love fully – to give and receive love fully.  And to be confident in who I am.  Because I am beautiful and talented and strong.  So strong. My deepest desire can occur.  They want me to make my biggest wish and know I can have it manifest.

That was the end of the reading. 

Then he asked if there was anyone I wanted to connect with on the other side.

I asked if Brandon was there.  He looked.

He said yes but fuzzy.  He was there but that it wasn’t him I needed to connect with right now.

He said there was a male standing behind me to my right.

He looked a bit perplexed or surprised as he studied the figure, then relaxed as if realizing what he was seeing when he said:

“He is Not of the spirit world.  But of this realm, this world, living in our time, now.”

Which was an odd thing to say, I suppose.  But completely in alignment with my core beliefs.  There was a soul stepping forward.  Someone incarnate in the present.

Philip described this person – physical features – exactly as he was when I saw him last.  

“Do you know who this is?”

I nodded.

It was what I needed, but did not ask for. I looked over my shoulder where Philip had looked.

In that moment the vision (posted at the beginning of this blog) came to me.

So full. So complete. So perfectly timed.

Phillip said that in addition to whatever message that he had just seen me personally download, that intuition and travel were also part of the message.  “This one specifically says ‘Pick up and move.’ You have roots in alot of places.  You can have many if you want.  But you can have alot better work elsewhere.  The work you are here to do requires travel.  Plan your travel.  Expand out from here.  Perhaps living in more than one place.  And: Stop blocking your intuition And stop lowering your vibration.  Stop this.  Trust yourself.  Trust your intuition.  Allow your energetic to be yours and not impacted negatively by others’ lower frequencies. If they cannot meet your high energetic level, your benevolence level, your spiritual level, release them. It will give them the option to raise theirs, raise their spiritual level, their energetic level to meet yours.  It also will make room for those who do already, those who have already achieved high energy, high spirituality.  You are there.  Drop the facade. Drop the facade! Do not limit yourself anymore. And, pick up and move.  Physically.  Energetically. Shake off the restrictions.” 

(Which is exactly what I have been contemplating for the past several weeks.  Residing in Maine. Traveling to my brief destination trips each year to a few other places for work events. And,…who and what it is time to let go of.)

Published July 8, 2016


Well, that’s a glimpse at my life. And my experience at Etna Spiritualist Center .

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