with words

“With words I can formulate queries to unquestioned answers.

With words I can create landscapes to house my innermost feelings and understandings.

With words I can articulate my mind’s yearning, my Muse’s urging, my heart’s calling.


I love them.”

This morning I found this passage in the content of another of my Musings.  I mentioned a type of meditation (Ignatian contemplative prayer) to a friend earlier today and recalled I had worked thoughts on how I use it into a previous post.  Glancing through the post and re-discovering this at the bottom gave me pause, and made me smile.

crown point treeandbayTWINKLE

Thank you, Today, for a smile.

For the still Bay, the ocean breeze, the sound of the water splashing against the shore.

For my hot pink beach bike and strong legs to pedal it all around the boardwalk.

Thank you, Today, for the sunshine.

For the birds in flight and even for the mild humidity that gives hope of rain to come.

For the purple cafe I found and the library on the same block.

Thank you, Today, for your gentle reminders of what I am meant to be saying, doing, being.

Thank you, Today, for Today.

~ Twinkle

 triquetra green

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September 9, 2014