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Twinkle has often been called upon in both congregational and women’s circle settings to offer what is all too often missing in denominations: Spirituality! During Covid she was contracted to host online gatherings for just such a purpose.

For those wishing to participate in a covenant group, consider joining the Women’s Spirituality Group on Facebook.

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Please let us know if you would like us to add your event or group to our list. If you would like to start a new women’s group of any variety from covenant groups to book clubs, please let us know and we will help provide you with resources to do so!

Shared Leadership using the Circle Model of Group Facilitation 


This Train-the-Trainers workshop is based on Liz Fisher’s Shared Leadership manuscript and facilitated by the Co-Conveners of UU Women and Religion(UUWR): Gretchen Ohmann and Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning (interfaith minister). Liz is also the author of the Rise Up and Call Her Name curriculum and is part of the core leadership group of UUWR who are bringing this new Shared Leadership program forward. Should you wish to include this workshop in your retreat, please contact UU Women and Religion.

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Minerva Circles: In-person potlucks and Online circles!  

Immerse in spiritual renewal with UU Women. Our lives being as busy as they are, it can be challenging to find the time for women to meet in person, but we encourage congregations of all sizes, as well as clusters, to considering hosting Minerva Gatherings. Or Join us for a virtual Minerva Circle.

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Molly Remer of Brigid’s Grove offers a variety of programs for women who have affinity for The Goddess. From weekly classes to Red Tent trainings, visit http://www.brigidsgrove.com/creative-spirit-circle/ for more information.

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Some of our Districts and Regions and Groups have lead the way and become very adept at connecting and gathering their women together, such as:

At GA UU Women & Religion and UU Women’s Federation always have a strong presence and a place for all UU Women’s groups to come, spend time, and host gatherings.

UU Women’s Connection in the MidAmerica Region

Women’s Week at Ferry Beach Retreat Center in Saco, Maine each August

UU Women’s Spirit events in at The Mountain Retreat Center, North Carolina each Spring and Autumn

UU Women’s Convocation international events

UU SouthWest Women‘s annual events

Women and Religion Pacific Central Region events

New Prophetic Sisterhood for UU Female Ministers

Spokane UU Women’s Retreat

Corvallis UU Women’s Retreat

Murray Grove Women’s Retreats

Texas UU Women’s Retreats

Florida UU Women’s Retreats

One emerging location is our New England Region where a UUWR/UU Women’s Heart council is beginning to plan our first Women’s Regional Retreat.



International Women’s Convocation 

Canadian Unitarian Universalist Women’s Association

UK Women’s Group

British Unitarian Women’s League

Australia & New Zealand



South Africa

30th Anniversary OF WOMEN AND RELIGION This 2007 archive of the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the Women and Religion Resolution at General Assembly features Presenters: Shirley Ranck, Dorothy Emerson, Laurie James, Helen Popenoe

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The worship service recalls the dramatic events leading to the creation and passage of the Women & Religion Resolution at General Assembly 1977 and the resulting significant changes within the Unitarian Universalist movement over the years since then. It offers a wonderful glimpse at the history of Women’s Spirituality in our Faith Tradition, as well as the group gathered joining in ritual and songs.   https://www.uua.org/ga/past/2007/31410.shtml

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