You, having died, changed everything.

Today. Remembering twelve years ago. Remembering The Gates and MoMA and Mamma Mia.  Remembering where I was in NYC when I answered the phone call from Teresa saying You were gone.  Remembering the rush home to NSB.  Remembering gathering with our friends. Remembering waiting for your family to come. Remembering you.  Remembering thinking it was all a dream, and not really remembering when I realized it was true, and wondering even now if perhaps I still don’t.
As the years move on, the past blends into the present. Days like this, marking milestones, kindling memories shared among those who love you, memorialize the significant impact you had on our lives, and still do.
You, having existed, changed everything.  
You, having died, changed everything.
And somehow life moves onward.
Today, as with your birthday and holidays, we will connect more actively with others who have memories they wish to share. These marking a few days in hundreds throughout the year, and thousands throughout the years, where we remember you in silence.  My hope for all who hold you in their hearts is that the joyful memories far outweigh the sadness of losing you.
Sending love and music to heaven.
Passau Mural