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New Moon February 2016

This month the New Moon is in Aquarius.  

Join Us as we explore our UU 7th Principle and Pagan Path in connection with the sixth source we draw our Unitarian Universalist faith from.

Monday, February 8th


at Twinkle’s Place

all with loving and benevolent hearts and intentions are welcome


“A New Moon can work powerful manifestation magic because the Moon is furthest from the earth and this frees the imagination from material limits.”
The theme for many this New Moon is: Committed Choice
Commitments require discipline for manifestation to be made possible.  Understanding if our choices have been created in places of fear or places of trust will help ascertain their benefit to us and affects they may have on others.
Mystic Mamma offers some insight into the personal implications of Choice in connection with this month,
“Who are you? This is the big question this month. You have an opportunity to explore yourself in new ways and commit to choosing what is important to you regardless of what others may think.
One of the most important choices you may need to make is around how much of other people’s energy and drama you are still willing to carry. How much of your old story are you willing to hold on to? What are you willing to give up to finally lead the life you always wanted?
These are big serious questions and processes and you may need to get some help to dig through the layers of what is ‘not you’ in order to reclaim your authentic self.”
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