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Replay: Blue Christmas Service

“It is possible, practical and incumbent to hold these two truths:
– The holidays are wonderful, merry and bright.
– The holidays are hard, dark and dreary.
For some, it’s one or the other.
For most, it’s both.”

~ Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning

“For those who are hurting, lonely or sad this time of year, and for those who wish to support those who are, this service is for you. A time and place to hold grief sacred during the holiday season. Whether it is your Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa or Solstice and Yule, the holiday season, while filled with light, can create palpable darkness. Together may we offer comfort and solace.”

Order of Worship for the Service:

This service was recorded at the Universalist Church in Waterville, Maine on December 18th – where Twinkle is the contract minister serving the congregation in worship leadership twice a month until June 2023. Interfaith services such as this are Twinkle’s trademark in a landscape of religious and spiritual diversity. Check Twinkle’s Place Upcoming Events and Gatherings page for information about 2023 Services, Retreats, Workshops and more.

For many years Twinkle has hosted Blue Christmas gatherings during the holiday season. In 2020 she published a Blue Christmas Reflection Book.

For additional Reflection and Blessing books, visit:


The Women of Spirit Reflection Book is part of the Matrika Press Reflection & Blessing Book series and the Women of Spirit series. It is designed to be used as a self-led retreat that you guide yourself on. It can be used to mark a milestone such as a significant birthday or important season of your life. It can help you process a loss or transition. It can be the place you affirm what is next for you as you cross a threshold and visualize your greatest intention for your life. 

Reflection & Blessing Books are created by “Twinkle” Marie Porter-Manning and are a source of intentional inspiration to be used to record personal messages to the owner of the Blessing Book. These mementos and keepsakes can be used in rituals, celebrations and communions as well as for self-reflection and documentation of one’s innermost thoughts, feelings and beliefs. At the heart of Reflection & Blessing Books is the desire to share sentiments, messages and stories that we can draw upon as sources of comfort and a reminder that we are loved. This Reflection Book was created for self-exploration and contemplation. 

2 Wonderful Celebratory Events for Twinkle and her Women of Spirit authors!!

This wonderful book VIP celebration for “Twinkle” Marie Porter-Manning in New Smyrna Beach, Florida on Friday, April 1st to commemorate the launch of her newest Women of Spirit  anthology entitled: Transforming Lives.

The official launch party took place online via Zoom on Wednesday, March 23rd. All involved are grateful for the opportunity to celebrate and honor the 21 women featured in the book!









Book Launch Party – Women of Spirit, Transforming Lives

March 23rd, 2022

3:00PM Eastern Time

Free to attend. Door Prizes for all and special gifts for those who purchase book in advance.
To purchase your Copy:

Women of Spirit, Transforming Lives is the second volume in this Matrika Press series. This book is a compilation of women sojourners, sages, mystics, witches, shaman, medicine women, philosophers, life coaches, ministers, storytellers, yogis, historians, and more. 
Their journeys. Their stories. Their teachings and practices. Poetry, Art, Rituals, and Prayers. 
This anthology is full of useful tools and powerful messages for everyone who is on a spiritual journey.

Curated by: “Twinkle” Marie Manning

Contributors include:
Anne B. Gass
Anya Searle
Arica Walters
Beth Amine
Carole Fontaine
Cheryl Partridge
Danielle Dufour
Deana Sanderson
Erin Colene 
Fatima Al-Sayed
Jaishree Dow-Spielman
Jane Sloven
Kiana Love
Leana Kriel
Melissa Kennedy
Mika Leone 
Pam Swing
Patricia Diorio
Sloane Reali
Tam Veilleux


New Poetry Book

Love, Grief, Beauty, Fear, Spirituality, Mysticism, Transformation, Choices, Nature.

Twinkle’s writings have been included in publications and services around the world. For the first time bound in a poetry book all their own, her selected writings, some mystic in nature, others raw with physical-world portrayals of the landscapes we live in, created with passion, emotion, reflection and thoughtfulness.  

Book Launch Event on March 16th, 2021 hosted by Shaw Public Library.