“Twinkle” Marie Manning

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“Twinkle” opens her home for her and her friends to host gatherings. She leads Sacred Feminine Rituals, Workshops and Seminars, teaches Cultural History Classes and facilitates Writing Workshops.  She is the founder of Matrika Press and collaborates with authors to publish transformational works.

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“Twinkle” is an ordained minister who serves in an itinerant capacity in her community. She is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Society for Community Ministries.

She is the founder of UU Talks, a new TED Talk-like initiative that will host inaugural events beginning in 2017.  “Twinkle” is also a skilled Event and Television Producer.

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In her efforts to help live in to, and grow, Unitarian Universalist values, “Twinkle” has hosted a number of events in collaboration with UU congregations, fellow ministers, lay leaders and politicians:

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First Parish in Concord hosts International Day of Peace Gathering 2013

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one billion rising 2013 one billion rising 2014 rise up article

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